Induction Checklist

The Team Breakthrough Inductin Checklist is a list of important material to get you set up as part of the team.

So if you're new to the team, this is the place to start

Now don't stress or feel overwhelmed - your Grow Team leader will step you through the whole process, and we'll make sure getting set up is lots of fun!

Induction Checklist
Safer Churches
These are important forms and training that all our volunteers need to keep up to date, to ensure we remain compliant and are a safe church environment.


Incident/Near Miss Report - Whenever there is an incident (or near-miss) on BCC property or at a BCC event.

Concerns Anecdotal Record - For when you have a concern - even if you aren't certain there is a problem

Site Safety Report - Reporting any potential hazards or issues of site safety


For everyone at Breakthrough:
Safer Churches #1 Awareness (EdApp)

For everyone in Team Breakthrough:
Safer Churches #2 Team Breakthrough (EdApp)

For everyone who is a supervisor in Team Breakthrough:


Handy Links
This is a collection of links and resources that can be useful for Team Breakthrough members.


A 7 minute introduction to Breakthrough:
Quick Overview

Joining the Breakthrough family:

Becoming a part of Team Breakthrough:


Induction - Volunteer's Declaration (FIRST TIME)

Induction - Volunteer's Declaration (ANNUAL REFRESHER)


How to Use Slack

MyGrow (EdApp)

Setting up an EdApp Account

Elvanto Training

Overview of Features

Downlading and Setting Up App on your Phone

Notifying of Unavailability

Viewing Service Plans

Elvanto Training - For Administrators

Creating a Unique Sunday Event

Creating a Custom Field (so you can monitor who has completed a Form)

Creating a Form (that automatically updates the Custom Field)

Life Group Leaders

Preparing Effective Discussion Questions (12 min. EdApp Lesson)

Ice-Breaker/Discussion Questions (PDF)

Team Breakthrough

The Breakthrough Code (Values) - A4 PDF

Prayer Team Resources

Prophecies over Breakthrough - EdApp Course includes audio/written copies of prophetic words


Superkid Resources

Superkid Training for Team Breakthrough

Part One:

How to Prepare to Serve in Team Breakthrough

Part Two:

Serving on the Welcome Team

Welcome Team Checklist

Serving on the Creative Lighting Team

Serving on the Studio B Livestream Team

Serving on the Cafe Team

Serving on the Offering Team

Part Three:

Fun stuff - some puzzles for S.U.P.E.R. kids