Welcome to the Team!
We're so excited to have you a part of Team Breakthrough!

Below you'll find the Team Breakthrough Induction Checklist - a list of important material to get you set up as part of the team.

Now don't stress or feel overwhelmed - your Grow Team leader will step you through the whole process, and we'll make sure getting set up is lots of fun!

And once again, welcome to the Team Breakthrough FAMILY!

Team Breakthrough Induction Checklist
Below are the three steps to get fully set up in Team Breakthrough.

As we said, don't stress out, your Grow Team leader will step you through the process (and you'll find most of them don't actually take long at all).

We recommend copy-pasting this list into a Slack chat with your Grow Team leader so you can check them off together. (Note: There is a copy of the list below specificaly formatted to copy into Slack).  

The list is broken up into three parts: Joining Team Breakthrough, Safer Churches Training, and Team Breakthrough Tools.

Part 1 - Joining the Team

If you've joined the team, you might have already completed these steps (so you could have the satisfaction of just ticking them off straight away).

  • Step 1 - Join the Breakthrough Family (30min)
    This is the exciting step to officially make Breakthrough your church home (in the past it would have been called church membership).

    If you haven't done this before, it's the first step to joining Team Breakthrough.

    It's a really simple online presentation about partnering with the mission, calling and values of Breakthrough - it will take about half an hour in total.

  • Step 2 - Complete Launchpad (15min)
    The Launchpad is the way to become a part of Team Breakthrough.

    It's a simple, 15-minute online course about finding your place and launching you into the team!
    As part of Launchpad you will have the opportunity to answer a series of questions to explore more about YOU (your passions, your gifts, your calling and how God made you unique). For your convenience, here is a link to those questions.
Part 3 - Team Breakthrough Tools

There are some key tools we use in Team Breakthrough to work together effectively. You can use the guides below to get set up.