Three Lessons: How to achieve the mission of Breakthrough in our Life Groups

1. Life Groups and the Mission of Breakthrough (3 min.)

Discover how Life Groups play a vital role in our mission at Breakthrough.

2. The Four Goals of a Life Group Leader (3 min)

As we pursue these four goals, we strategically fulfil the mission at Breakthrough.

IN the meeting: 1. Discipling Ourselves, and 2. Discipling Others 

OUT during the week: 3. Discipling Ourselves and 4. Discipling Others

3. WEB PAGE: Creative Ways We Achieve the Four Goals

A stack of different ways our Life Group Leaders use to achieve the four goals.


Four Lessons - How to Lead Better Discussion

1. Leading Effective Discussion (4 min.)

How to select questions for (i) teaching vs (ii) fellowship groups.

What are good/bad questions for the different groups?

2. Four Types of Personalities (4 min)

Dealing with

(1) The Dominator

(2) The Dodger

(3) The Debater

(4) The Drainer

3. Handling Difficult Discussion (3 min)

Different difficult/confronting scenarios you may face and how to prepare for them.

(eg. Someone is critical of another person in the church)

4. Using Ice Breaker Questions to Your Advantage (2 min)

How to be strategic in selecting ice-breaker questions.

Click Here for a List of Ice-Breaker/Discussion Questions (PDF)


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Help Me Grow Questions

Who was/wasn't there? Have you caught up with them (and caught them up)?

What were your wins/challenges in the four goals?

(1) IN - Discipling Ourselves (Growing as a follower of Jesus at our meetings)

(2) IN - Discipling Others (Building authentic relationships at our meetings)

(3) OUT - Discipling Ourselves (Growing as a follower of Jesus during the week)

(4) OUT - Discipling Others (Building authentic relationships during the week)

Any other questions or comments?