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Prophecies over Breakthrough
Ps George Pearsons
Get Ready

And so what the Lord is saying to us today, you're going to see it. And you be prepared for it, and you guys get ready. You keep pressing on in the direction you're going. You keep going in the direction that the Lord already has you. You haven't pulled back but on the contrary you've pressed forward. And you're hungry for God. And you're not one of those that is having to think, "Okay, what do we have to change now?" You just keep going. You just keep going. You're like that church at Philadelphia. You're like that church God was talking about. You guys are hungry. This church is hungry. There is an intense hunger. And I'm saying, and I'm speaking today, there is going to be an extreme growth that will take place in this church because of your hunger. And if you don't get out of this building soon you're going to have to have two and three and four services at a time. Because the Spirit of God is welcome in this place. And the "WOW factor" of God is wanted here. And you're going to see it take place. And you're going to see it happen.

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Ps Tracy Harris

.....Hagar went out with Ishmael and she said “I’m lost, she laid him under a bush. I can’t bear to see him die” an angel appeared to her. And he said “Why are you crying, Hagar? I’m the Lord, I know where the lad is. Go pick him [up]” and that’s a covenant name, says the Lord sees where you are. He knows where you are. He hasn’t forgotten where you are. And he opened her eyes, saw a well of water, she filled it up and Ishmael lived and became a great nation.
I want to say to you, that even things that you think were Ishmaels, even things you think you could’ve done differently, that were the flesh. He knows about all that because your heart was right. He sees it, he knows where you are, He’s going to open a well of restoration to you. You just need to break over into it. Don’t look back. I mean, rush 2020 with all your force and might. He has got your back. I’m telling you, great things are on the way. Your faith is working. It’s all working. I’m sensing when you go home, things are going to be different now spiritually. Just be encouraged. It’s a breakthrough time for you. The name of the church is going to become really true. So, what a joy.
....Re-creation of original intent. So what that means is, in Joel 2:25, where it says “I’ll restore the years.” It means that He’s going to put you back where you would have been had you never had a setback. So there’s going to be, really, signs and wonders in Heaven. You know, He’ll bless you for it. He said He would deal wondrously with you. There’s going to be—now, you’re thinking times for signs and wonders. Wonders of restoration. You’re going to figure out “How did God do this?” I mean, listen, it’s going to circumvent the natural timelines. It’s going to be, and that’s your miracle.
Just always remember that the enemy’s tried to block the things you’ve been believing for for a long time, there’s dams there, whatever. He didn’t stop it. He just dammed it up. Which means, imagine the reservoir that’s been created and that’s still yours. And that river that’s been dammed up, and that’s what breakthrough is. All he did was increase the harvest. He didn’t stop it, he can’t stop it. He just increased it, so I’m convinced it’s on the way. Faith is the victory and you have faith.
• There will be an Invasion of restoration
• Restoration = Recreation of original intent
• The Breaker: Mic 2:12-13 "I'm calling a meeting, Jacob. I want everyone back—all the
survivors of Israel. I'll get them together in one place— like sheep in a fold, like cattle in a corral— a milling throng of homebound people! Then I, GOD, will burst all confinements and lead them out into the open. They'll follow their King. I will be out in front leading them." (MSG)
Mic 2:13 ...The one who can break through barriers will lead them out they will break out, pass through the gate, and leave. Their king will advance before them, The LORD himself will lead them (NET)
Mat 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and forceful people lay hold of it.
• You’ve been discouraged - God hears your prayers
• You’ve been in faith but you haven’t seen what you’ve been believing God for
• 2020 Is the beginning of restoration (not just the year of restoration)

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Words of Encouragement

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