Hey leader!
We believe a strong community of leaders growing together is central to fulfilling our God-given mission, so we're excited to have you join us on the journey!

On this page you will find a collection of resources to empower you as a leader, including:

  • Foundational elements of our Breakthrough culture
  • Core concepts that define how we do leadership at Breakthrough
  • Some foundational teachings that our Leadership Grow Team has covered in the past
  • A collection of helpful resources and podcasts you can use to grow as a leader
Role Description: Grow Team Leader

In order to fully empower our team to thrive in their roles, we need to have full clarity around what that role is.

So we have a Role Description: Grow Team Leader - a document you can use to clarify the goals, requirements and resources for those whose role is to lead in TB.

Role Description: GT Leader

Leadership Foundations

These foundations define how we lead at Breakthrough

Each of these are concepts we've explored deeply in the Leadership Grow Team in the past, and they are pivotal to how we approach leadership.

Grow Teams vs Volunteers
We ARE NOT aiming to develop volunteers to "help" us.
We ARE developing Grow Teams - communities of people who are connecting deeply, discipling together and using their craft to glorify God.
Meetings vs Touchpoints
When Grow Teams gather fortnightly, it is NOT the meeting that defines the group.
IT IS simply a touchpoint, where they connect and collaborate in person, but continue to grow and work together throughout the week.
Developing Leaders vs Filling Leadership Vacancies
We DO NOT look for new leaders in response to a position of need.
We DO have a constantly-growing community of leaders, and we actively look for opportunities for them to express that leadership.
HMG (Help Me Grow)
We believe healthy feedback and evaluation are critical to growth.
So we actively seek out quality feedback to Help Us Grow, and commit to consistent HMG pathways in every leadership position.
WIDGET (Working Genius)
We use the Working Genius model to better understand ourselves and each other.
This empowers us to work more effectively together, connect more deeply and be more fruitful in achieving our mission.
Foundational Teachings + Resources

Below we have complied a growing collection of foundational content we've explored together in the Leadership Grow Team, as well as some podcasts and resources we think are particulalry valuable.

Working Genius Team Resources

In 2023 our team dived into the Working Genius model, an amazing tool developed by Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group to help teams work together more effectively.

The Working Genius model has since become a central part of how our teams operate at Breakthrough.

Check out the full suite of Working Genius team resources (including podcasts, articles and more) to explore:

  • What is the Working Genius Model?
  • How can you use it to be more effective in your work?
  • How can you use it to better work alongside others?
Working Genius Team Resources

HMG - A Healthy Evaluation Culture

Caleb Lewis

Out team worked through this session in July 2022.

It outlines the concept of Help Me Grow, and how we as leaders can follow Jesus' example of leadership as we establish a healthy culture of constant growth.

Leading from Rest

Craig Groeschel

In late 2021 our team spent 6 months exploring how to lead from a place of rest, and began with this podcast from Craig Groeschel.

More Helpful Resources

Check out these podcasts our team have found particularly helpful for growing as leaders.