The Breakthrough Mission

At Breakthrough, the heart of our mission can be summed up in one word: discipling.

Now that might sound simple, but don't be fooled. Discipling is a huge concept that involves three key areas:

  1. Growing every day to become more like Jesus.
  2. Helping those around us grow more like Jesus.
  3. Reaching out to influence our community with the love and power of Jesus.

At Breakthrough, we believe that discipling is a group activity, so we're passionate about connecting deeply as family, and growing together as disciples.

Check out this video where Ps. Peter and Caleb chat more about the concept of what it means to disciple.

The Three Pillars
How we are discipling together, every day.

As we've shared, we believe discipling is a group activity, so we're passionate about connecting deeping as family and discipling together.

In order to do that we have developed what we call The Three Pillars.

These are three central elements of life @ Breakthrough, that give us a platform to fulfil our mission of discipling...together!

Our heart is that every member of the Breakthrough family would connect deeply through each of these three pillars:

1. Sunday Church

Sunday Church is a fun-filled, power-packed time where the whole Breakthrough family gathers to worship, grow more like Jesus and minister as the body of Christ.

Sunday Church
2. Life Groups

Life groups are a space to connect in quality relationships with people who love to grow with you, and walk through the highs and lows of life together.

Life Groups
3. Team Breakthrough

Team Breakthrough is where we each bring our unique styles and gifts, to thrive in all God has made us for and together we take God's breakthrough love to our community.

Team Breakthrough
Ps Peter and Caleb chat about The Three Pillars, and how together we are fulfilling our mission of discipling.
Pursuing our mission. Championing our values.

As we go about our mission of discipling at Breakthrough, we are commited to doing it in accordance with some key, foundational values.

We call these 10 values The Breakthrough Code.

These values define the atmosphere we set at Breakthrough and the attitude we have as we fulfil our mission together. 

The Breakthrough Code
Dive deeper into our mission.
A 7-minute interactive overview of who we are at Breakthrough.

Want to explore the Breakthrough mission further? Check out this simple, interactive presentation to give you an insight into our story, mission, beliefs and values at Breakthrough.

It takes about seven minutes to complete, with plenty of other resources you can explore if you want to dig even deeper.

Check it out