Our Values
Setting the atmosphere at Breakthrough

As we go about life at Breakthrough, we are commited to doing it in accordance with some key, foundational values. 

We call these 10 values The Breakthrough Code.

These values define the atmosphere we set at Breakthrough and the attitude we have as we fulfil our mission together.

Check out the Breakthrough Code below.

The Breakthrough Code

As we pursue our mission of discipling together, these 10 values define the atmosphere at Breakthrough:

We are more than a group of individuals, we are family.

We intertwine our lives, go deep in our relationships and make the outsider feel like they're home.


We plan to fail if the Holy Spirit doesn't show up.

One word from Him supersedes our best laid plans.


Church is not a Sunday event, it's who we are 24/7.

We find our place in the body, connect in deeply, and live it out every day.


We live and work yoked with Jesus.

We play the long game, so we thrive on peaceful rhythms, not hectic pushes.


We laugh loud, hard and often.

The joy of the Lord is our strength, so we bring fun to every corner of Breakthrough.


We guard our hearts diligently and walk in integrity when nobody's watching.

We know that good fruit comes from good roots.


We don't dip our feet in the water, we go all in.

We serve God with unbridled passion, generosity and excellence.


We are known for audacious, no-plan-B, God-kind of faith.

We find innovative, never-before-imagined ways to fulfil our mission.


We are passionately disinterested in anything that doesn’t bear eternal fruit.

We don’t care how productive or exciting it seems, we only care how fruitful it is.


We see people, not projects or programs.

As we're winning the world, we're consumed with reaching the one.

The Breakthrough Code

Ps Peter and Caleb chat about the Breakthrough Code, and how it's setting the atmosphere at Breakthrough.