See what God can do through us...together!
Find your place to thrive, and be a part of bringing God's breakthrough love to our community.

Whether it's creating welcoming events, serving brekky at local schools, hosting church online, or reaching into the community through Bridge programs, there's a place in the team for you.

We'd love nothing more than to help you find the perfect place to use your unique gifts to serve God with the Breakthrough family!

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Find your perfect place
We believe that God has made you unique, and we'd love to help you find your perfect place to use the gifts He's given you.

In Team Breakthrough, we're passionate about you being in your groove.

That means you're in the perfect place to express the unique gifts, talents and personality God's given you...and having a lot of fun serving God with the team around you!

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We laugh hard and loud!
There's nothing more fun than serving God together with people you love.

One of our core values is fun, and we love making Team Breakthrough a place where we don't just achieve great things together, but have a blast along the way!

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There's a place in this team for you!

Find the perfect place for your God-given gifts, talents and style!

Creative - Music
Grow with a team using music to lead people into God-glorifying, heavenly worship.
Creative - Production
Be part of creating exciting and engaging worship services, events and media.
Creative - Online
Help people encounter God and connect with the Breakthrough family from all over the world!
Creative - Photography
Capture remarkable images to help tell the story of Breakthrough visually.
Events - Welcome
Create welcoming, exciting events, filled with moments and memories.
Make people feel welcome and loved with universal language of quality coffee.
Find creative ways to share the Gospel with the world, and help the Breakthrough family stay connected.
Be part of training the next generation to impact their world!
The Bridge
Share God's love with our community in a tangible and meaningful way.
Joining the team is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Find the team that's just right for you, and see what God can do through us...together!

1. Find your place

We want to help you find the perfect team for your unique gifts, talents and style!

Click on "join the team" and let us know which teams you'd love being a part of!

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2. Have a chat

As soon as you've completed the form above our inbox will ding and we'll be in touch to have a chat (in person or online) to get you connected with your team.

3. Join your team

We'll get you hooked in with your team to start growing together, find your groove serving God and have a blast along the way!

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See what God can do through us...together!

Simply let us know you're keen to join the team and we'll be in touch to help you launch into your sweet spot, serving God with the Breakthrough family!

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Forms and Resources

Already a part of Team Breakthrough? Here you'll find a collection of important forms, resources and training material for all the team.

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