Our Story
Shaping who we are today.

At Breakthrough we're a family, growing together through every season of life and working alongside each other to take God's breakthrough love to our community.

We'd love to share a bit of our story, because it has shaped who we are today.

And remember, whatever your story, there's always a place in this family for you! 

The Beginning

The foundation for what we now know as Breakthrough Church came on January 16, 1977.

Ps David Reekie moved his family from New Zealand to Melbourne to lead the Blackburn Assembly of God (which would later become known as Breakthrough). They began meeting in a small hall in Blackburn, with less than 10 church members. 

Along with his wife, Olive, and his children Bruce and Christine, Ps David led the church faithfully until his retirment in 2005.

A New Season

In 2005, Ps Peter Lewis became the Lead Pastor. Ps Peter had joined the church in 1984 (as a fresh-faced 18 year old) and served as Assistant Pastor from 1993.

He and his wife Christine are still leading Breakthrough today.

A New Name

In October 2006, the church changed its name to Breakthrough Christian Church, to reflect God's anointing on the church to bring His breakthrough love and power to the community (more about our name below). 

You can see here the very first logo for Breakthrough Christian Church, from 2006 (thankfully the graphics team have grown since that time!)

A New Location

2014 was a significant year for Breakthrough as, after many years of prayer, God provided us with a new facility!

We took possession of an empty warehouse in Michellan Ct, Bayswater, which the team spent 12 months converting into the thriving hub of activity we enjoy today!

From this location, God has opened amazing connections into our local community, and we love sharing His breakthrough love with the local schools, homes and people of Eastern Melbourne!

Our Name: Breakthrough

In 1 Chronicles 14 we read of how God miraculously defeated the enemies of His people. In this passage He reveals Himself to David as the “Master of the Breakthrough.” 

We have seen so many times that God truly is the Master of the Breakthrough! He has the power to break things in our lives that nobody else could change, and we are living proof of that toady!

We are called Breakthrough because we are so passionate about people meeting the God of the Breakthrough. Whatever your story, whatever your life looks like, God can bring breakthrough like nobody else can. He can bring you into freedom and wholeness in every part of your life, however impossible that might seem!

So if you feel like you need a breakthrough in your life today, we'd love you to come along to church and see what the God of the Breakthrough can do in your life!

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