Are you interested in following Jesus?

We wholeheartedly believe that following Jesus is the single greatest, most exciting decision you could ever make in your life!

Now we would love to help you get started on this journey, so check out below for some resources to help you understand just what it means to follow Jesus, how to become a follower of Jesus and some great next steps to take!

As always, if you need to chat to anyone or have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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When you're ready to follow Jesus...

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

How do I follow Jesus?

So, what's next?

Next steps...
Now that you’ve made this choice it’s just the beginning of an exciting journey, so here’s some great next steps to help you get started on the journey…
  • Learn more about your New Adventure
    This page has some great content to help you learn some of the basics about following Jesus and how to live your new adventure! 
  • Get baptised
    Getting baptised is a great step to publicly say “I Choose Jesus.” Check out the baptism page for a lot more info about what it means and how to be baptised.
  • Come along to a Life Group
    Life groups are such a vital part of our life. We were never made to do this journey alone, and they help us connect with real friends and get the real help we need. Check out the Life Groups page for more info and to find the group that’s just right for you!
  • Come to Church
    We don’t do Sunday church because it’s a religious tradition – it’s a fun, exciting and life-giving time where you can connect with people, learn more about Jesus and be changed by His amazing love. We’d love to see you on Sunday!
Your new adventure