THIS WEEK: We continue to look at every occasion where Jesus has ministered healing in the book of Mark. Jesus had compassion when he ministered to the leper. This compassion led to Him to "touching the leper" - something which would bring emotional healing as well as the physical healing.

This week we explore how to guard our hearts so that we do not become overwhelmed by the needs of the people we are ministering to, and we allow our compassion to lead to ways that we minister even more powerfully to people.

This week we explore:

- Types of Prayer (the comparison to sport)

- The prayer of petition compared with the prayer of yielding

- The prayer of importunity

- 1John 5:13-14 "so we can know"

- The need to know, so we are controlled by circumstances

- Mark 1:40 Healing the leper

- Jesus ministered out of compassion

- Matt 9:36 Jesus looked at the crowds with compassion

- The need to protect your heart

- Mark 2:1 - How we can practically restore compassion in