Should a Christian always listen to their conscience? Is it unwise to just pick and choose when to obey my conscience? Paul teaches us how to train our conscience so it can be our greatest ally in pleasing God.

This week we explore:

- Why people don't connect conscience with the work of the New Covenant.

- "You don't have to answer that" - how to respond to the devil.

- How to sort through your internal voices.

- Your conscience is your "personal trainer".

- Rom 14:22 How to be a "happy" and "blessed" Christian.

- Acts 10 An example of changing your conscience: the Apostle Peter.

- 1Cor 8 An example of when you shouldn't change a conscience: Eating Meat.

- Rom 14 Being judged on your conscience - not just your actions.

- Rom 2 Can a non-Christian be saved by following their conscience?

- Examples and Questions