Sunday Church
Sunday February 5; 10am to 12pm

Join us for a really special Sunday at Breakthrough with Bill and Ginger Horn.

This isn't church like you might imagine. It's a fun-filled, power-packed time where the whole Breakthrough family gathers to worship, grow more like Jesus and enjoy quality time (and quality coffee) together.

We're so excited to have Bill and Ginger bringing a very special sermon for the service. The sermon from their last visit (in 2016) changed the lives of so many of the Breakthrough Family.

For More Details for Sunday Church:
Evangelism Training Seminar
Saturday 4th February; 9am to 12pm

Join us for an amazing opportunity to hear Bill and Ginger's keys and tips for HOW to witness to everyone from your friends and family to those you bump into on the street.

If you have a heart for evangelism and would love to lead people in your life to Jesus, come and hear from a couple who are experts in this field.

The seminar will begin at 9am and will conclude with an opportunity to accompany Bill and Ginger to a local shopping centre to outwork what they've taught and witness to people we meet. This will give everyone a chance to:
(1) put the training into practise
(2) actually see how Bill and Ginger witness
(3) have assistance and support for your first time witnessing on the street
*** note : this is NOT compulsory, people are more than welcome to attend the seminar and then go straight home

About Bill and Ginger Horn
Chariots of Light International Directors

Bill Horn is the International Director of Chariots of Light Christian Bikers with Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Dr. Savelle founded Chariots of Light in 1998 and not only grown in membership through the years, but in the fruit of our reaching out to the world. Being connected with JSMI ministry for over 30 years and having worked with such a godly man of integrity for over 16 years has truly been an honor and a privilege. Since Bill’s leadership began in 2006, the Chariots have witnessed (which means we have prayed with individually) over 501,299 who have made a decision for Jesus Christ! Over 708,163 people that have been prayed with and ministered to, including manifestations and demonstrations of God’s presence, goodness, and power with documented testimonies of healings and other blessings manifested in their lives.