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How can we continue Dr Savelle’s work in our community?

Dr Savelle has left a legacy. What do I mean by that? A legacy is the “long lasting impact of a person’s life”, so I am referring to the aspects of Brother Jerry’s life that have made a significant impact on me, and that will spur me on to reflect those attributes.


Brother Jerry walked in God’s favour. His life and teaching inspired me to dig deeper into God’s word to understand what it means to live in the favour of God (see my sermon series, “We are God’s Favour-ites”). God’s favour enables us to prosper in this world, without having to play by the world’s rules. This means we can have a tremendous impact on our community without going through the normal channels.

The world says you need to be wealthy and powerful in order to have influence. To maintain the right connections, and not “rock the boat” when dealing with the establishment. But favour means we can hold fast to the truth of God’s standards and still have access to the world.

 Revelation 3:8 (TPT) says, “I know all that you’ve done. Now I have set before you a wide-open door that none can shut. For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept my word and haven’t denied my name.” Use the favour of God on your life to open opportunities to speak to your friends and family. Confess God’s favour, which will open doors for influence in your workplace or neighbourhood.


Brother Jerry loved evangelism. When he didn’t have churches opening their doors to him, he went to the streets. When God blessed him with motorcycles and custom cars, he used them as tools to win the lost. You might not have churches asking you to come and preach, but you can take your passion for Jesus to those around you. What are the “tools” you have that you can use to reach the lost?


Brother Jerry was famous for not giving up. In the natural he was a quitter, but in God he became Jerry “having-done-all-to-stand-stand” Savelle. You will need to develop the same fruit of the Spirit in your life. Reaching our community will take persistence. Much persistence! The enemy will not give in without a fight, but it is worth it because the eternal souls of people are at stake. We are called to battle, but destined to win if we continue to stand. And that is the message we will take to our community: God makes winners out of failures.

So let’s grip the baton of the gospel tightly as we run with all our might into the Bayswater and Wantirna regions, with Brother Jerry’s cheers of encouragement ringing in our ears.