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If you’re like me, you passionately desire to share with your family about Jesus. Christmas would seem like an ideal time because a) you get to spend time socially with family members you rarely see during the year, and b) it is Christmas! Surely we can talk about Christ at Christmas.

Here are four things I have found helpful when sharing Jesus with my family.

1.  Be yourself

Sharing about Jesus shouldn’t become a strained effort to say the right thing or weave Jesus into every conversation, even when it doesn’t fit. Using “Christianese” is a big turnoff too.

Many years ago, my dad (a non-Christian at the time) visited us when a Christian decided to “witness” to him. I couldn’t believe it when I heard them tell a story about a recent windstorm. They got a wild look in their eyes, waved their arms around, and exclaimed, “I was pleading the blood over the trees in the backyard!” I was horrified because it wasn’t this person’s natural way of speaking, even to Christians. The story also didn’t help lead my dad to Jesus. Thankfully, many years later, he turned to Jesus and was baptised.

2.  Be authentic

Don’t feel you need to hide your Christian walk, but let it flow naturally in all of your conversation. You don’t have to become a “super-Christian”, but neither do you have to tone down the natural “you”. For instance, if the opportunity arises to say grace over a meal, do it. Don’t think, “what will people think?”, but focus on Jesus and talk to Him as you normally would. Don’t tone down your prayer. Show people your relationship with Jesus is just who you are.

Recently, one of my family members told me they remembered me saying grace at a family meal over thirty years ago, and shared how this affected them at the time as a non-Christian. I had absolutely no idea and don’t recall this event. But it shows when you’re willing to be yourself and shine your light, the Holy Spirit can use it powerfully.

3.  Spend the time leading up to Christmas praying

This will set the atmosphere (an open heaven) over your gathering. While you pray, be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit to give you any specific prayers to pray, or gifts of the Spirit for you to walk in. For me, it can be a particular leading to pray for a family member and maybe a word of knowledge/wisdom God puts on my heart.

4.  Trust God

You do your part, then trust Him to do His! Don’t feel the pressure of making anything happen. Prepare the atmosphere through prayer and just be yourself. It may be thirty years in the future before you discover your part in leading a family member to Him.


Have a blessed Christmas with your family as you walk in His love.